A Revolution in Natural Riding


Baretek Western Bareback Saddle Pad
Baretek Western Bareback Saddle Pad


“Communication with the Horse at its Very Best”


  • Helps Create a Real Partnership with your Horse
  • Improves your Confidence
  • Increases the Responsiveness to the Aids
  • Relieve Horses from Saddle Soreness
  • Fits all Types of Conformations
  • Ideal for Everyday Trail Riding
  • It measures 20″ front to back and 40″ across end to end.


The Baretek Bareback Pad could well be the most versatile riding equipment ever created. A cross between a bareback pad and a saddle, the BARETEK offers the sensations and freedom related to bareback riding while giving comfort and stability usually associated with saddles. Conceived and engineered by a Master Saddle Maker and experienced riders, the BARETEK offers many advantages to both the rider and the horse.

Great for Trail Riding and Everyday Fun

The BARETEK is the only product on the market to finally offer you and your horse a real atlernative to your western saddle. Whether you crave comfort or your horse needs a break from heavy and invading tack the BARETEK Western Bareback Pad will provide you with a new, fun and natural way of riding. Unlike the everyday bareback pads which are usually unstable and uncomfortable the BARETEK Western Bareback Pad with its unique design finally gives the rider the opportunity to concentrate on pleasure and skills. Comfortable as a saddle, light and fun as a bareback pad; The BARETEK is the best of both worlds.

Benefits for the Rider:

  • The thick foam and soft felt provide a superior level of comfort even when jogging & loping
  • The pommel and cantle keep the rider centered at all gaits and improve stability
  • Great tool to help you build confidence and closeness to the horse
  • Equipped with D-Rings and laces to attach trail riding and endurance accessories
  • A regular western cinch can be used with the BARETEK

Benefits for the Horse:

  • Comfort for the horse is the BARETEK’s first priority. Designed to relieve saddle soreness
  • The BARETEK automatically fits all types of horse regardless of conformation or breed
  • The cutback at the withers allows the horse to move freely at the shoulders
  • The thick layer of foam and felt absorbs the weight of the rider
  • The BARETEK uses a regular cinch assuring proper tightness and comfort for the horse

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