“I like the quality of this product. The lightweight and close contact gives you a secure ‘bareback’ type of experience. There are no stirrups — which I agree with because this is dangerous when riding bareback. The piece is made of quality materials and allows for a dynamic piece to help train for a secure seat. I have the western version. The rigging allows me to use my standard western cinch. I have taken this saddle alternative to my barn. The others have also used it and find it to be the best bareback pad any of us has used. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone.” Sandy K

“I most everything. The stitching is of good quality. The suede is nice and grippy. The knee-blocks are perfectly positioned and comfortable. The small “cantle” provides just enough support, but not so much that you feel like you are trapped on the horse. The foam padded seat is really comfortable. It has D rings for attaching a breastplate. It’s a really good quality product!. Very good quality construction, materials and workmanship.” Elysha

“It looks like a saddle, and is saddle shaped in that it has a cut back head and contoured shape that follows the shoulder. You could sort of say WH style? The cantle is useful for going uphill but having it almost supports your bottom anyway. The knee rolls were the first thing that appeared to be useful for the downhill, as well as keeping my leg a bit more classical placed.” late Newforest, Jack

More from our Retailers’ customers….

“This pad is awesome! It holds you snug in place with the suede seat and it stays on the horse and does’t slip.”

“These are an absolutely wonderful training aid and a pleasure to use.”

“i really like this training pad. i was looking for a treeless saddle to help with my position and seat while riding. i was glad to find this pad, and like that it is suede and has knee blocks (keeps rider from moving too much.) i think that it will help me to improve my seat a lot.”

“Wow! This is just the ticket for anyone that wants to feel secure, ride in shorts, and work on their balance ALL AT THE SAME TIME! I am in the “over 55″ crowd, so, that alone, should be recommendation enough!”

“LOVE this baretek pad. I have a very spooky mare but love riding bareback, this keeps me on top with all the comfort of bareback.”

“This pad is so wonderful, I just ordered a second one! The very best bareback pad I’ve ever ridden on. Superb quality billets.

“This is the very, very best bareback pad I have ever seen! I own two others, and this is Baretek is superior. The girth straps are exceptional — very sturdy high-quality leather billets sewn onto a wide nylon strap. The shaping and padding is excellent!”

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